Top Tips for Contact Lens Care

If you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s important that you take proper care of them. Neglect can keep your contact lenses from working properly, and you also increase the risk of eye infections.

The good news is, nowadays caring for your contact lenses has become very easy and convenient. It’s even possible to just use a single cleaning product for your every need.

Tip #1: Ask Your Eye Doctor for Recommendations on What Cleaning Solutions to Use

It’s not all that easy to choose which cleaning products to use for your contact lenses, since there are so many options. Some cleaning solutions are for regular cleaning, or they may be specifically designed to remove protein buildup on the lenses. Others are for rinsing and storing contact lenses, and there are also solutions for disinfecting the lenses. Some single solutions can be used for all of these purposes.

But you can make things easier by having your eye doctor choose for you. Some solutions aren’t meant to work together, while other cleaners may not be suitable for the type of contact lens you have. You should tell your eye doctor if you feel uncomfortable with specific brands or types of cleaners, or if you develop allergic reactions. These may include itching, redness, burning.

Tip #2: Wash Your Hands Properly

Regardless of which products you use, you’re still going to use your hands. That means you need to clean your hands properly first before you handle your contact lenses.

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Don’t use moisturizing soaps, since these aren’t good for contact lenses.
  • When you’re done, wipe your hands thoroughly with a lint-free towel.

Tip #3: Rinse the Lenses Correctly

Start with one lens and your recommended cleaning product.

  • Place the lens in the pam of your hand.
  • Apply a generous amount of the cleaning solution.
  • Use your pointer finger to rub the lens gently against your palm. Use a back and forth motion, and not a circular motion.
  • Rinse the lens again when you’re done to remove the debris you’ve loosened off.
  • Put the lens in the lens holder or contact case, and make sure this case is clean too. Fill the case with fresh disinfectant solution, instead of “topping off” the old solution.

Additional Tips

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Clean your lens case using your disinfecting or multipurpose solution.
  • Don’t get tap water on your lenses and accessories, since the water may contain infectious microorganisms.
  • Don’t touch the tip of the solution bottle to any surface, as the solution may become contaminated.
  • Discard your contact lens case as often as directed, or at least once a month. This reduces the risk of eye infection.

Final Tip

If you’re not really sure that you can do all these steps for proper contact lens care, ask your doctor if you can use disposable contact lenses instead. This will probably solve most or all your contact lens maintenance duties, since you can just dispose of them after a day of use.