Pick Eyeglasses that Match Your Personality and Lifestyle

When it comes to eyeglasses, you need to remember that it’s not just about finding a pair of glasses that can improve your vision. It’s also about choosing eyeglasses that look good on you and will complement whatever it is you do often.

Serious Workplace Glasses

Most people want to give an impression of reliability and trustworthiness in the workplace. This is especially true for those employed in law firms, healthcare clinics, and financial institutions. For these types of workplaces, you need something conservative and traditional.

  • The shape should be classic, such as rectangular, oval-shaped, or almond-shaped.
  • It’s also suitable to choose stainless steel or titanium materials.
  • Men who wear suits should stick to black and brown, as well as to gunmetal and silver colors.
  • For women, suitable color options for the workplace include black, brown, gold, silver, espresso, and burgundy.

Eyeglasses for Students

At this point in your life, you’re allowed to experiment with any kind of eyeglasses (hey, you’re a student!). You can choose unusual shapes, bright colors, and eye-catching details for your eyeglasses. Some students like to look intellectual, while others go for a more “fun” and “cool” look.

Mature Without Looking Old

If you’re getting on in years, you can get age-appropriate eyeglasses that can make you look younger without making you look as if you’re trying too hard to disguise your age.

For men, burgundy, deep brown tones, and gunmetal can look great along with upswept rectangles. Women should avoid dark and dull colors and go for shinier and lighter hues.

Creative Types and Fashionistas

Nowadays, you can show off yours stylish side and creative personality with a wide variety of options. Basically, you’re not limited to the shapes and colors you can use. Plastic frames can be large and use unusual colors such as green and blue. You can also use various animal and flower prints, as well as multi-colored laminates.

Usually, you can go online and find lots of options. You’re probably limited only by your own imagination.

For Functional Types

Some people can hardly care about trends in eyeglasses. If you’re one of these people, you can still go for a basic functional pair of eyeglasses, and yet you can also be stylish. You can get upswept rectangles and ovals, and pair them with basic black. You can also choose basic designs with fine details that make them different from your regular boring eyeglasses.

Outdoor and Athletic Eyeglasses

If you tend to play sports or do outdoor activities during weekends, you need a special pair of eyeglasses that are markedly different from your everyday workplace eyeglasses.

  • Some are in more conventional shapes, but you can pick wraparound designs for your peripheral vision.
  • If you’re doing outdoor activities, you may want polarized lens to reduce the glare.
  • You need shatter-resistant lenses for contact and impact sports.
  • You also need to consider how to keep your eyeglasses secure on your face when you play sports.


Eyeglasses are likes shoes and wristwatches. It’s best if you have more than 1 pair to wear for different situations! After all, you can be serious at one time and playful in another… and you need different eyeglasses to match all the different sides to your personality.