How to Choose Contact Lenses

Choosing to wear contact lenses over eyeglasses is an understandable decision, but that doesn’t mean you’re done with making choices. You still need to pick the right type of contact lenses that fits your lifestyle.

To make the right choice, you will have to understand what your options are and how they will affect your lifestyle. Here are some tips and issues you should know about:

  1. Listen to your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will prescribe your contact lenses, and you need to follow their instructions. They may give you some leeway so you may still have some options, but for the most part you really should pick only from their recommendations.
  2. Hard or soft. If you can pick between hard and soft contact lenses, then you have to determine whether sharp vision or your comfort is more important for you. Hard contact lenses offer the sharpest vision, and this may be your choice if your job requires this ability.

On the other hand, soft contact lenses are generally much more comfortable. It’s why this is the choice for about 90% of the people who wear contact lenses. Soft contact lenses for astigmatism are even available, and they’re called toric contact lenses.

Other soft contact lenses are silicone-based. They’re very comfortable to wear, as they’re highly breathable and they keep deposits from accumulating.

  1. Disposable or reusable. Daily disposables are very convenient, as they don’t need nightly maintenance. You just dispose of them after each day and use a fresh one for the next day. This makes it the most hygienic option as well. However, this daily replacement does cost more.

Some disposables can last for a week or even a month, but then this means you need to clean them every night. That makes them very similar to reusable contact lenses. The reusable contact lenses can last from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the brand and type you get.

  1. Daily wear or extended wear. If you opt for reusable contact lenses, you then need to choose between daily and extended wear. Daily wear lenses are the most affordable, but they must be taken out and cleaned every night. They also have to be replaced on a strict schedule.

Extended wear lenses can be worn overnight, though they have to be taken out and cleaned at least once a week. However, wearing contacts overnight isn’t recommended by eye doctors, since the practice increases the risk of eye infection.

  1. Colored contacts. You may want to also consider using colored contact lenses. After all, contacts are like eyeglasses. They’re also fashion accessories and they can affect the way you look. You can have colored lenses that may make your eyes appear blue or green. This can make you stand out, especially if you live in a place where such eye colors are rare.

The color may even have a practical function. A colored contact lens is easier to find when you drop it.

  1. UV protection. You may want to ask your eye doctor about getting contacts with UV-protection if you tend to be outdoors a lot. Just keep in mind that they only protect part of your eye, so you still need proper sunglasses.